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PA System In Hotel/Mansion

The hotel is a place for people to enjoy a rest and they will enjoy more if some soft music can be played. Of course, fire safety is an essential part of the hotel’s security; SPON provides the
best solution of hotel PA system to meet the hotel requirements.

1.Broadcasting:The administrative staff can play BGM or make voice broadcasting to all or any part of hotel/mansion sites.
2.Sub-zone:The system supports to turned on/off 8 sub-zone separately.
3.Intercom:The Intercom system can be expanded based on existing network.
4.Linkage:The system supports to link wireless intercom system/analog phone system to realize two-way intercom with walkie-talkie /analog phone or to
realize paging function from walkie-talkie/analog phone and to link fire alarm system to broadcast siren tone to specific zone automatically.
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