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PA system And Intercom system in School

The PA system is the foremost to a school for it has such demands as to broadcast the campus culture, the English listening and the ringing of the bells, etc, which can be met by most of the PA system manufacturer. However, SPON supply the best solution for school PA system with its additional integration of intercom system.

1.Multiple time schedules:Multiple time schedules can be added in system in advance for playing school bell automatically.
2.Broadcasting:The teacher can play BGM or make voice broadcasting to all or any part of classrooms,what is more,various audio sources can be played to different zones simultaneously.
3.Audio on demand: The teaching audio file on server is available on demand via IP terminal in classroom. 
4.Monitoring:The system supports audio and video monitoring in classroom to evaluate the teaching level.
5.One-touch call:One-touch call from classroom/dormitory/public area to control room to realize full-duplex intercom.
6.Linkage:The system supports to link video surveillance system to pop up front end video automatically and to link VoIP telephone system to realize two-way intercom with IP phone and to link fire alarm system to broadcast siren tone to specific zone automatically.
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