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SPON bank IP network intercom communication system uses advanced audio processing technology to transmit audio signals in the form of data packets in LAN and WAN. It is a set of hands-free intercom system with pure digital transmission.

1.One-touch call: One-touch call from ATM side to monitoring center or customer service center to realize full-duplex intercom.
2.Call transfer: The system supports Busy line transfer, Power-off transfer, No-response transfer, Time-period transfer, Manual transfer.
3.Voice broadcasting: The staff in monitoring center can make common or deterrent voice broadcasting to ATM side
4.Monitoring and recording: The system supports audio and video monitoring around ATM and recording of each call automatically
5.Warm prompt:The Ceiling speaker will play warm prompt automatically when customers come in ATM room
6.Racket and tamper alarm:The panel will alert server automatically when detecting racket and it will also emit alarm bell when someone tries dismantling it. 
7.Split design:The split design of IP terminal and panel to ensure network safety in bank,further more,one IP terminal can connect 8 or 16 panels
8.Linkage:The system supports to link video surveillance system to pop up front end video automatically and to link access control system to control door lock and to link VoIP telephone system to realize two-way intercom with IP phone etc.
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