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Banking and Finance
SPON IP based solution for Banking and Finance
Banking and finance

With 19  year's deep exploring in audio technology , SPON have served thousands of customer overseas. We continue to support financial institutions for each banking sector with the adavanced technology against the evolving security threats , improve operational efficiency and retain customers .
SPON Advantages
● High quality and crisp sound transmission , occupied Band Width can lower to 34kbps
Long distance transmission and powerful network self-adaption.
Adopting digital audio process technology and 7KHz sound bandwidth , can easily realize Echo cancellation, noise suppression, full-duplex calls, multiparty calls and zone broadcasting.
●Confidential calls, special audio coding format, encryption processing to prevent eavesdropping.
●Good interconnection compatibility, IP intercom and PBX program-controlled exchange, VOIP, wireless intercom seamlessly docked.

Control Room
Control Room is a vital place in bank , which can realize audio and visual communication among different sub bank institutions.
The 9000 SPON system
A. with SIP trunk configuration , it can allow to integrate with standard SIP server.
B.Four extension ,namely map extension, scene extension, video extension, grid extension, let the operation more simple and allow the SPON system to integrate with CCTV camera.
C. Multi-cascade server. One hundred server can be cascade to allow managing 100,000 SPON endpoints.  
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The 9031NV SPON IP video station with microphone.
A.H.264 or H.265 and 1300 MPX HD camera can allow the operator to enjoy a high resolution video communication .
B.With 10.2 inch LCD screen and Bluetooth receiver can facilitates operator ‘s operations
C.POE power supply design 
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Cash Counter
In case counter , it is very difficult  for operator and customer side  to get a good communication due to the glass isolation.  While SPON IP full duplex microphone with customer side can solve this difficulty well. 
SPON IP full duplex microphone with customer side
● Mainly used for the audio intercom in bank counter, expressway charging window or hospital registration window.
● Adopting industry-leading DSP (Digital Signal Processing) multichannel audio technology, effectively preventing howling and channel disturbance, realizing HD digital full duplex intercom.
 Preserving a interface which can allow to connect loop amplifier or headset phone or active speaker.
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AMT Area
ATM can improve Bank operational efficiency , therefore more and more Bank deployed ATM . In this Area , how to protect customer’s security is a very important considering for Each Bank. By using SPON IP Split Type series , customer can get a quick help from the operator in Control Room.

SPON IP Split Type audio series
● Adopting unique split type intercom design (controller + panel), effectively avoid the exposure of the network cable in the user area, ensuring the communication security in banks.
● One NAS-8521A intercom controller can drive 4 intercom panels simultaneously
This series is cost friendly , which can save Bank budget and facilitates installation.
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Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., LTD was established in 2004 with over 20000 Square meter workplace . It is a national high-tech enterprise which has own core intellectual property and innovative research & development capabilities. We have rich experience in IP video and audio products and PA system products.
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