The 19th Anniversary Celebration of SPON communication was successfully held

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Update time : 2021-12-07 13:15:30

The 19th Anniversary Celebration of SPON communication was successfully held

Looking back on the long road, "19" loves and lives up to its glory. A new starting, a new journey of struggle. On November 30, 2021,  SPON Communication held its 19th anniversary celebration at the company's headquarters. Mr. Yu Qiushi, Chairman of SPON Communication, and all the staff gathered together to celebrate Spon’s 19th birthday.

With the topic of 19 Love, Chairman Yu delivered a speech on the spot. He fully affirmed the company's breakthroughs and extraordinary achievements in various development aspects, and is full of expectations for the future development prospects. The chairman shared the scientific knowledge of "dopamine" and "happiness hormone"  before all employees, and encouraged all employees to devote themselves to work and life, love work and life with a high spirit. We hope that everyone will stay true to their original aspirations, continue to struggle, stand on their posts, continue to fight for a new world, forge a new future, and jointly create a new pattern for the development of Spon's business.

Today's outstanding achievements of SPON are inseparable from a group of lovely and hardworking SPON people. In order to thank them for their endeavour, the staff who devote the company's tenth anniversary were commended at site, and flowers and medals of honor were presented to them for their hard work.

Looking forward to a new journey. Since its establishment in 2002, Spon Communication has gone through 19 years. What has changed is the continuous advancement and development, while the original intention of the enterprise has not changed. Spon Communication has always focused on the research of audio technology. From the initial R&D manufacturer of audio-visual products, it has developed into an audio-core intelligent IoT solution provider, and has gradually become an excellent enterprise in this line. The nineteenth anniversary celebration is a milestone in the company's development and a new starting point full of pride. We are proud of our glory and hope to enter a new step.
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